Fashion is fickle

That fickle nature of fashion is the one constant that seems to drive it forward. In this day and age, when literally every aspect of our life is online, it seems only obvious that even our sartorial choices are put on display for the world to see.
Social media platforms like Instagram have popularized a couple of fashion spotting trends namely the “flat lay” and “#ootd”. A flat lay is basically an outfit that has been laid out on a flat surface with all its components – top, bottom, footwear, accessories and described by the user in detail. The #ootd means “outfit of the day”, this is basically for those instagrammers who detail every part of their day to their followers and begin it by posting their outfits online.
Most fashion houses and fashion brands rely on such popular hashtags and trending topics to throw out their own version of what is “cool” and fashion forward.
Primark is doing the same. They are catering to their Primania movement by posting some cool and interesting trends online straight from their shelves to their social media accounts for all their followers to see.
Since the beginning of the new year, they have ensured that their social media outlets carry posts about upcoming stock, about trends that they are selling and also about the top-rated products on their shelves.

Among the most popular picks this month are:

  1. Yellow homeware: According to their style editor, this color is having a sort of comeback in the homeware section and is, for some reason, a top color choice! Something to do with the shade being the antithesis to the blues.
  2. The return of Pink: From the early aughts, pink has seen a kind of resurgence. A much-reviled colour, pink has made its mark felt in every aspect of our lives – makeup, clothing, footwear, workout gear, and just about every other thing.

As is always the case with fashion, the go-to advice seems to be investing in key items. Those important wardrobe staples that have been in fashion forward wardrobes since the 1950s – everything from biker jackets, to a staple solid coloured dress to basic footwear staples that go with every kind of outfit, they are all here.
Having primania means one thing and one thing only – you have access to every imaginable style staple known to man and then some. It is impossible to be an avid shopper at Primark and not own the best and most amazing pieces of fashionable clothing and not a thing will break your wallet into tiny shards of broke-ness.
If you’ve got  a knack of putting together an #ootd, then you know exactly what  you need to do – go to Primark and browse your little heart out and find a way in which to match everything together and create an ensemble that will make you stand out in a crowd. That’s the best part of shopping at Primark, whether you try or not, fashion is a budget buy away!

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