2017 is here and it’s time for more Primania!

With the new year, come new trends, and as always Primark is here to steer you in the right direction!
There’s an odd thing about fashion, it keeps evolving. If it’s athleisure today, it’s something else tomorrow. If we’re being body positive today, then thinspo is the literally around the corner. It’s really tough to keep up. Not even jeans are safe from the ever-evolving swing that is fashion.
It helps when you have some to curate the on-trend pieces for you so that you don’t have to trouble yourself browsing through a million magazines and Pins to find looks that you can replicate. Enter Primark, the world’s favourite place for a cheap buy that is not only trendy, but also high quality and not just that, classic.
Here are some ideas for you, that we’ve lifted off the Primark home page so you don’t have to!

Layering is everything!

Depending on which Primark country you live in, there’s always a cold season, and there’s always a need for a jacket or 5, depending on how cold it gets! That being said, the warm months can also do with some layering. While people assume that layering is exclusively for winter, nothing says summer by the beach like a cool tank and a long breezy shrug with well-fitted shorts.

Giant totes are so yesterday!

This is only true for those people who don’t have to lug a 1000 diapers and baby supplies around! If you’re a bag enthusiast, then, it’s time to get with the program and literally cut your bags down to size! Keep it small, keep it minimal, but remember keep it roomy enough to fit your giant phone, your cards, and your keys and cash!

Jackets are everywhere

From a sleeveless shrug, to a short embroidered denim jacket, these outer garments are seeing a massive comeback and the best part is, if you’ve got the time to browse, then, you’ll find all kinds of jackets at Primark! What we love about going there is that we split up to our respective sections and just have a blast browsing and picking up what we love!

Cheap doesn’t mean tacky

You don’t believe us? Then head over to Primania and check out the looks Primaniacs have put together! Yes, Primark has prices that you simply won’t believe, but there is something to be said about having the knack to put together looks that are on-point and also under £20 that doesn’t look cheap and tacky and ill-thought-out.

Get good makeup please

Primark has designed itself to be a one-stop shop for everything. From clothing to footwear to makeup, it is all here. You only need to have the time to browse through everything on offer and buy something you love. For instance, their beauty buys are something that are worth waiting for, if you’re headed to Primark, then, their recommendations are a must have. Not just that, if you’re putting together a great look, you need to also have super makeup on.

So, there you have it, some Primania tips to get you started for the new year!