Making The Most Of Shopping At Primark Ireland

Shopping is a one of the most favorite leisure activities especially for women. It is a great way to spend time with your friends and indulge in some retail therapy.Shopping can also be a morale booster. Many people can vouch for the fact that the process of shopping can lift up your spirits and make you forget your worries.

With the number of options and international brands available today, there is never a dearth of choices. One of the most well known brands that combine style with affordability is Primark. You can never run out of things to buy when you visit a Primark outlet. They offer great deals and the deals are always there.

About Primark:

Primark is a retail establishment based in Ireland that functions in the clothing sector and its headquarters is in Dublin. The company’s first store opened in 1969 in Mary Street, Dublin, with another name – Penneys. It was very successful and this led to the expansion of Primark Irelandto United Kingdom.

Since the American clothing retailer “J.C. Penney” had trademarked the “Penney” name, it couldn’t be used outside Europe. That led to the brand being rechristened Primark so that it could be used outside Ireland. Primark has rapidly expanded to a number of countries in Europe and it has even entered the United States.

Primark offers a range of products such as newborn and children’s clothing, women’s wear, men’s wear, accessories, footwear, various beauty products, home ware and confectionary as well.  This diversity along with its extremely affordable prices makes it a very popular choice for consumers.


What Primark offers you:

  • Women’s wear:

In the women’s wear section you can find clothing, accessories, shoes as well as delicates. You can choose from formal jackets, coats and tops, to casual clothes, swimwear and beachwear, night wear as well as dresses to suit every occasion.

You will find a range of accessories such as bags, belts, scarves, hats and even umbrellas. You will always find the perfect shoe whether you are looking for a formal, casual or a pair you can wear at the beach.

  • Men’s wear:

Shopping for men can be a relatively easy task but with the choices available at Primark, you are bound to be amazed. Apart from the variety of shirts, t-shirts and shorts, there are number of accessories that you must have a look at. The coats and jackets section has great designs and they also have knitwear and nightwear options.

Your formal look can never be complete without a tie and the perfect pair of shoes. Finding a tie and shoes that complement the look is easy. You can also pick up swimwear for spending a lazy day by the beach or the pool.

  • Kids’ wear:

Shopping for kids is always a fun activity and Primark offers you a range of clothes and accessories for your kids. Whether your child is a newborn or up to the age group of around 7 years, you can always find everything that you need at Primark.

You can find some cute accessories such as caps, shoes as well as baby blankets and knitted caps and mittens. You can also find jackets, denims, bags and hoodies to make sure the kids always look stylish when they step out.

  • Home:

The home is a reflection of the people living in it and at Primark you can find some great items to reflect your personality. They have beautiful candles, candle holders, fairy lights, cushions and plaques with funny and quirky messages.

You can find cups in attractive designs and also beautiful baskets that can be used for storage purposes in your home.

  • Beauty:

The beauty section of Primark caters to the needs of both women and men alike. They also have a section of items for the grooming needs of kids. You can find fragrances; cosmetics, toiletries and skin care products.

Shopping online:

Primark has a fantastic website: that allows you to easily locate the closest store near you. Now you can easily view the different products in each category along with the price and you can make the most on your next visit to Primark.

They also have a New Arrivals section on the site, which shows you the latest products in each category.

Another great feature on the site is to upload your photos with the latest looks using Primark products. There are attractive prizes on offer for the winners.

Our site is one of the most popular fan sites of Primark. Visit us online to check for latest offers, discounts and upcoming collections that are expected at the store.

Primark Gift Card:

If you are looking for a great gift, you can buy a Primark Gift Card. These are available in different denominations. It is the perfect way to let your friends, family and loved ones indulge in some great shopping at Primark.

The Gift card are also available on the website and the best part is how simple it is to purchase a digital gift card. You can send the digital gift card by email or even send a beautiful card by post through their gift card site. In case you have a gift card yourself, you can also check the balance on your card on the website.


Primark has been a symbol of fashion that is affordable and is not restricted to the elite few. They offer the latest styles and quality products at prices that are unbeatable. Even though some people may find the products cheap, the popularity of Primark clearly reflects that a lot of people find their products value for money.

Whenever you visit any Primark store, you can be assured that you will always find something great for yourself. With such tempting prices, it is impossible to return empty handed.

Though Primark may be one of the few brands that does not sell online, you can view all their products online. Now all you need to do it is locate the store closest to you and grab your favorite products. Primark is active on social media and you can follow them for all the latest news on the major social networking sites.

For products that are stylish, in line with the latest fashion trends and at unmatched prices, you must visit Primark. Shopping at Primark is an enjoyable experience and something you can only find out on your next trip there. Go ahead and give it a try, it is a decision you would be thankful for.