Those of you who are enamored by faishionistas but don’t have the means to be one because of the exorbitant rates branded stuff sells at need not worry anymore. Primark Stores is the one shop where without breaking your bank you can be in tune with the latest trends and fashions.
And it is not just fashionable clothes for the lady of the house, even kids and men have their share of goods to choose from; besides clothing you can purchase skin care products, house ware, accessories and even confectionary.
This has been the fastest growing high street retailer in the fashion industry in UK.

The birth of Primark

Way back in 1969 the very first store of Primark was started under the name Penneys in Dublin Ireland. The brand gradually made its way to other parts of UK. Before long it had grown into a name to reckon with and has stores in several major European towns and cities. By 2015, it had reached the shores of USA and currently owns the largest retail store in the world in Manchester with an area of 155,000 sq ft.

Why is Primark so popular?

Till not so long ago shopping at high street was not a cool thing to do. But with the advent of Primark, people are posting their pictures on Instagram and Facebook shopping in this retail Giant’s outlets. Are you wondering why? Well, Primark has the right mix of fashion, style, ongoing trends at unbeatable prices.
The fashion conscious like to keep changing their look and it suits them perfectly to buy the latest trends at Primark and discard them once the design is not in vogue. Here are a few more reasons for Primark’s popularity.

  • Something for everybody: Primark doesn’t stock clothes just for women but also for men and children. In addition to that you can also buy accessories and décor items for your home.
  • Decent quality: Primark prices are by far some of the lowest on the high street retail scene; but the quality of goods is fairly reasonable and not some cheap stuff that wouldn’t last a single wash. In fact, many customers believe shopping at Primark is true value for money.
  • Latest trends: Primark’s major clientele are in their twenties; this group of people likes to wear the latest trends and designs without spending a fortune. All styles and trends are reasonably priced.
  • Popular with youngsters: Primark outlets carry goods from brands popular with youth like Rebel Active, CS Active, Young dimensions, Cedar Woods and many more.
  • All sizes available: All the clothes are available in all sizes thereby ensuring that no one is turned away because of their large or petite frame. In addition to that the goods are packed well.
  • Efficient customer service: Any retail outlet or business that doesn’t have friendly and efficient customer service will not last long in today’s world. Customer service plays a major role in the growth of any business. Primark customer representatives are well trained to respond to all customer woes and sort out issues in the best possible way.
  • Easy exchange: You can exchange or return any product purchased from any retail store within 21 days of purchase.

Primark does not sell online

It is one of the few retailers who still do not sell their goods online. Ecommerce has revolutionized every industry and those who don’t catch up will be left behind. Today’s consumer finds it easy to order goods and services from the comfort of his/ her home and at the click of a button. That been the case, how will Primark survive when they don’t have an online store.
It is no surprise that in the year 2016, the sales saw a dip for the first time in 16 years. Several customers have voiced their opinion that they sorely feel the need for an online store simply because there are still several areas where Primark presence is missing.

Why is it not profitable for Primark to have online stores?

Owning reliable ecommerce website costs money. Any company like Primark that believes in offering products at really low prices will find maintaining the site expensive. Moreover the policy of free returns too won’t be possible at the present rates in an online scenario.
The Company did try out online sales in a limited way in 2013. They felt that the online shipping costs involved in ecommerce business were too much and their profits might not be able to cover it. This further reinforced their belief that maintaining a fully functional ecommerce site with the modest profits that they make was not feasible financially.
They are still of the opinion that they can sell their stuff cheaper in a brick and mortar outlet than any online store.

It is not like you can’t find Primark on the internet at all. Primark has a Facebook page where it does update the latest news in its retail stores, promotions, deals and discounts. It is here that customers interact and share stories; a great means of advertising at practically no cost at all.
The Immense popularity of Primark has lead to the launch of this fan site, the Like all other fan sites, here you will find all news related to Primark stores, their deals, promotions and everything related to them.
You can find out about their latest retail shop or how a particular outlet is doing well. We will provide all the tidbits and required information about each and every outlet.

Can Primark Survive without online shopping

Coming back to Primark’s online shopping status we need to be aware that today consumers are very demanding and severely short of time. They like things to happen with the click of a button on their laptops and phones. Web and mobile commerce has become a part and parcel of our daily lives and anybody who does not toe the line will have to close shop.
So far, Primark has been able to succeed without online shopping and the company claims that they plan to continue. Will they be able to keep up with the competition, only time will tell? For now, those who still like to feel the product before buying need not be disappointed as Primark is there for that very purpose.