Primark Boston, Tapping Into Its Irish Roots

Penneys or Primark as it is popularly known, opened its first store in Dublin, Ireland in 1969. The store that focuses on fast-fashion was an instant hit and there has been no looking back for the brand since then. After almost 45 years of being a popular brand and with 320 stores spread across Europe alone, Primark opened its first store in Boston, US on Sep 10th, 2015.

The fact that Boston has a good Irish population and an equally good number of college students simply makes it a great first option to enter the US market. Its competitive pricing sure has given some major brands stiff competition, but it’s pricing is what allows it to be a popular brand even during poor economic conditions.

I’m excited!! Are you?

I’m super excited that Primark has finally come to Boston, my home town. I’m so excited that I decided to create this fan blog site to share everything about Primark Bostonwith fans like you.

On this page you can find everything about Primark from their new collections to fashion tips, fashion guides and much more. This is your one stop for all offers, deals and seasonal sales that Primark has from time to time.

There is a dedicated gallery section, which not only serves as eye candy for you Primark lovers out there but is also a place where you can upload your photos. You can upload pictures wearing your favorite Primark outfits and accessories.

What’s more? To make the site more interactive, there is vote section, where you can vote for the best look of the season.

What’s a fan site without giveaways? I will be hosting monthly giveaways where you can participate and win some great Primark merchandise. This is completely a site for Primark fans and in no way is associated with the store.

Primark Online

Primark has carved itself a place in the hearts of millions entirely through its grandiose retail outlets that its customers instantly recognize. Even though it is so much fun to walk into a brick and mortar store, some of us would still love the option of buying clothes online.

Due to the popularity of the brand, holiday seasons at Primark can be so crowded. At any one given instant, there can easily be a line with 50 – 70 people. But that’s what makes it more fun right? Not everyone will agree. But thanks to necessity, Primark too has entered the online shopping scene.

There is no need to settle for other brands because you could not find your favorite Primark brand online. Now you can buy Primark clothes, accessories and more from Now your favorite brand is not only cheap, it is also just a click away.

Primarni –Armani that’s for everyone

Who doesn’t like high fashion clothes? If only high fashion clothes were as affordable as non-designer clothes. But Primark bridges this gap between designer and fast fashion clothes that are cheap by providing high-fashion clothes at affordable prices.

Not everyone can afford Catwalk fashion, but people do not mind paying a slightly higher price for copy-cat clothes of designer brands. And so when these same copy-cat clothes are available at rock-bottom prices without a compromise on quality, you simply have a mad combination that drives people crazy. This is why Primark is so popular and continues to be the Primarni of fast-fashion lovers.

Whether it is an evening dress from Burberry’s or a pair of sleek stilettos from Prada, you can find their look-alikes in the rails of Primark.

Walk in style this summer with Primark’s Footwear

Primark your favorite brand, has come out with a new collection of footwear this summer season. Every girl needs her own big collection of shoes and with Primark’s rock bottom prices, there is no need to even think twice before you pick your favorite pair of sneaker or stilettos.

You can even afford to buy a pair for every day of the summer season and you still won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Now, it doesn’t get better than this. Or should we say ‘hotter’ than this. Here is our list of the 5 styles to pick up from Primark’s new collection this summer.

  1. Sneakers

Sneakers have long come out of their sports-only or fit-for-only-casuals status. Now sneakers come in bright and brilliant colours and designs to match every outfit out there. You probably have even seen them making their appearance on the red carpet.

With Primark’s new summer collection that has floral patterns, pop-colours and the ever-popular whites, there is one for everyone. Go pick pair or two and team it with your summer outfits for a complete summer look.

  1. Gladiators

If you like light and airy sandals that is perfect for summer, then gladiators are a perfect choice for you. With spaced straps beautifully encaging your feet and your ankles or even all the way up to your knees, they will make you look stylish and let you walk as much as your want. Forget your walking shoes forever as now you can walk in style with gladiator sandals. Primark’s summer collections features black and nudes that team with all your outfits.

  1. Stilettos

If there is one style of shoes that never goes out of fashion, it has to be the stilettos. So why not pick a pair from Primark’s summer collection and team it with your trendy outfits. Whether it is an evening out with friends or a late night party with your special someone, stilettos can make turn even your modest outfit into a classy looking attire.

  1. Chunky shoes

Stilettos may not be for everyone and so if you are one of those that wants an alternate to stilettos, then the chunky shoes are a great option. With big-square heels, you can walk all your want and feel as comfortable as wearing your sandals. Primark’s summer collection features, whites, nudes and blacks to choose from.

  1. Cut-out Boots

Who said you can’t wear boots in summer? Cut-out boots are in and they are a great way to flaunt your love for boots even when it is shining. They are quite versatile and you can pair them with your favorite pair of jeans or even your evening dress. Primark’s summer collection has cut-out black boots that are super glossy. This is a must-have for your footwear collection.


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