Even a few years ago it was unthinkable and even unacceptable that one can shop for practically everything under the Sun by sitting in the comfort of one’s home; that is the not the case anymore. With ecommerce websites coming up for all businesses, you can pick and choose stuff from practically anywhere in the world. In fact, it is paramount that you have a web presence to build your business.
Primark, the fastest growing retailer fashion clothing wishes to be different. They have an ever growing clientele of youngsters, the tech savvy generation, and yet the retailer doesn’t own an online shopping store. They believe their brick and mortar outlets can sell goods at better rates than any online store. But how long will they survive with this ideology is to be seen. For now, the consumers are happy with the products and the retailers with the sales.

Primark Live

Often you might have wondered how your friend always got the best deals on Primark and always wore the latest trends. Why is it that you never get to know which is the best time to buy despite keeping up to date with all the Facebook posts and Instagram and you tube promotions. It’s at times like this you really wish that Primark online shopping was a reality.
Anyway coming back to the point that you need to know about the hottest deals, you should know about Primark Live.
It is the latest addition to social media where one can stream live videos of their purchases on the Primark Vlogging pod.  This is a great way to announce discounts, give away vouchers and prizes.

How does Primark Live Work?

The first time the company went live during the Christmas season wherein over 1000 pounds worth vouchers where given away. The grand success of this attempt has inspired the Primark creative team to further enhance the experience.  Going live on Facebook has ensured that Primark reach not only its followers but several others too who are not initiated to the world of Primark sales.
Not only will you get the latest news but you will get to hear from experts in home décor, style and beauty.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Follow Primark on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Turn on your alerts feature so that you are notified instantaneously.
  • You can make your wish list of all that you need before you visit the physical shop. This way you know exactly where to go and what to pick up. You will never waste any more time on browsing through unnecessary merchandise.
  • Now you will never miss another hot deal.

Primark online shopping

Those addicted to online shopping are no doubt sorely disappointed by the lack of Primark online shopping. For any purchase they have to go to the branch and buy it over the counter. Several times customers miss out on the hot deals because they are over by the time they visit. But with the Primark Live you will know instantly whenever there is a promotion or any mega discount.
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