When you have a store like Primark as your primary source of fashionable clothing, then you have nothing to worry about at all. All you need is some guidance as to what to buy and how to put it together in an eye-catching way. This is where the Primark style team comes into the fray with their helpful posts about what’s hot and what’s not.

The resurgence of Gingham – For a long time the gingham pattern was restricted to table cloths, aprons, and of course the country bumpkin. But such is fashion that patterns that were relegated to the “faux pas” corner is enjoying its time in the spotlight. The key is, of course, sass. And the way this pattern has been styled by the editors at Primark, there is enough sass in a gingham crop top to take on the world!
The gingham pattern is available in all kinds of avatars – tops, shirts and dresses and they are all fantastic! The key in this is of course monochrome. This popular color code with this pattern is nothing but a win-win combination.

Stripes, Stripes Everywhere– SS17 is the time for stripes apparently. It’s the time  to go minimal with patterns, especially since winter saw such a surplus of patterns and textures in fabrics. The thing about stripes is that they help you tame your body shape into a more flattering contour – no matter which direction you wear it in. The striped shirts are a perfect wardrobe addition – paired with jeans and good footwear the perfect outfit for a day out. Dresses, cold shoulder tops, off shoulder jumpers, simple t-shirts, stripes are taking over the lookbook in SS17.

Athleisure is still a thing! – even if you are not a gym rat, it is hard to escape the impact athleisure clothing has had on the fashionable wardrobes of style mavens. And the best part is that athleisure is not only for the workout wonder woman, it is also for the person who just wants to dress comfortably and still look like they rule  the trend roster. Take for instance the slogan waterbottles and mats and t-shirts available at Primark, they are all geared to make  you feel good about  yourself and not only that, they will also make you look good.

Monday Blues Can be Fun!! – the thing about Mondays is this, everyone hates it. There’s nothing unusual about the Monday blues at all. Everyone who has had a fantastic weekend and who has enjoyed their time off work has trouble getting back into their routines on a Monday. And if you’re a Primark regular, then, you can be rest assured that they have something up their style brains for this too. From bathrobes, to gym bags, footwear, to lingerie, Monday blues can take a long walk out the door. Nothing about these blue clothing will make Monday boring!
So what are you waiting for, if there’s a Primark nearby, go there and have a blast buying the things you need to make you a fashion forward style diva!

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