This is Primark 2017 – Keep your eyes open Ladies

Primark fashion has evolved a lot since the early days. Since Primark was always touted as a budget store, there was always a dash of whatever attached to it. High street loyalists ever really bothered to go the Primark way but waited with bated breath for sale season to get the maximum value for their hard earned money. And then Primark had a turnaround. The quality got better, and the looks were about as on point as it could get without skimping on beauty.

Take, for instance, their winter collection. By far the best bit about it is the fact that even fashion magazines are gung ho about showcasing Primark’s collections in the hallowed style pages. This season, it’s all about fabrics as velvet (who would have thought) is making a come back with some fantastic cuts and silhouettes that are perfect for the winters and look great as well for a night out.

Not only that there’s footwear for miles and miles that don’t cost a bomb, but look fantastic nonetheless. The thing about footwear is that some styles are not exactly classic. For instance, you can be rest assured that pumps and peeptoes are going nowhere as long as people are going to work! The same can be said for trainers. However, white sneakers are enjoying a come back but there is no saying what their fate will be next season, the same for floral footwear too. All well and good to buy a high street label, but if it’s on the way out next year, then, the pointlessness of your buy will hit you hardest when you’re paying your credit card bill.

Next up are the jackets – in all kinds of fabrics and textures jackets are making a comeback. It seems as if no outfit is complete without one these days. From the waterfall shrug to the good old basic stuff, jackets have evolved into statement pieces and really help a garment come into its own.

And finally, there are the bags. As clichéd as it is, bags are pretty much a necessity. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, or a working woman, going anywhere without a bag is absolutely unheard of. IT doesn’t matter where your job takes you, going there without your bag is a big no. This year, Primark is stocking up on some fun and fantastic essentials – from mini purses that are designed for the essentials, to the big oversized totes for fashion forward mamas who have a big load to carry, but, no diaper bag to lug along, Primark has it all and the best part of all this is the budget. For £50 you can do some major wardrobe stocking!
What we love about Primark is that it gets better with each passing year. The season’s picks are awesome and the quality is on the uptake. The hope is that the prices remain where they are so that loyalists can keep coming back for more!

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