Shopping in Primark is an experience by itself; it is not for the faint hearted though. You need to be ready for the jostling, the noise, the ambience and the sheer volume of merchandise on display.
There is absolutely no way that you can just walk into any retail outlet unprepared. It would be prudent to browse through the site, a fan site of Primark. Here you can update yourself with everything related to Primark stores, their deals, promos, best retail outlets, available products and their details; all news related to Primark is in this one place.
Therefore, be prepared before you enter a Primark shop by going through the site and identify the products that you want to buy. Next step is to select the best outlet and finally prepare yourself for the adventure. This will at least save you time in figuring out where to go and what to buy; you can’t escape the queues though.
It is at such times that one wishes that Primark online shopping is a reality.  You should know why their products are so cheap to understand their reluctance for online sales.

How can Primark offer good quality at low prices?

  1. No advertising: Businesses spend a fortune on advertising and making their presence felt in the market. To recover the costs thus spent, they increase their profit margins. But Primark is different in that aspect because they do not advertise themselves.
    Fan sites like this and customer feedback on social media like Facebook, Instagram and You tube do the advertising for them. Primark fans follow the company page diligently to know all about the deals and offers. As a result, the cost of advertising is practically nonexistent.
  2. Bulk Orders: Anybody who has done shopping will know that when you buy in bulk your per piece price is less. Primark adopts the same principle of placing large orders with the suppliers which brings down the cost of production. Following the company’s ethics, Primark believes in passing down all the profits to its customers, as a result they are able to keep their cost low.
  3. Lower Transport costs: Finally, their suppliers use the latest technology that ensures that production costs are cut but not the quality of workmanship. They source the raw materials close to the manufacturing units thereby saving on transport.
  4. All these savings result in good quality products at affordable prices.

What has low costs to do with online shopping?

Because of the low cost of their goods, they have a very modest profit margin which will be lost if they spend on an ecommerce website. The maintenance of any account with a shopping cart, the shipping and the overall costs associated with online business is financially not viable to the owners. As a result, ABF (Associated British Foods) owners of the Primark chain have stayed away from online shopping. But you can view their products on their website and browse through the online catalogue. You can check on Amazon too where a select few are available.

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